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Mar 24, 2011
North Dakota
I finally set a Saturday aside to get after reloading some different powder combos in the Texan. Cleaned, prepped, sorted the brass. I had my son Zayne prime all the cases and I was as excited as a high school prom queen. Filled my first case, 104 grains of 33, went to seat the 300 OTM and the there wasn't enough neck tension. So I unscrewed the seater die and grabbed the sizing die. Unscrewed the top to take the bushing out, and it wouldn't come out. It is stuck and will NOT come out. It spins, moves side to side, but WILL NOT come out. I tried to use a wood dowel to punch it out but to no avail. What a dagger this is. It worked great for my fireform loads. In and out with no problems. Here I am all fired up (pardon the pun) to get the Texan off and running and a stuck bushing? What are the chances. All I can think happened is that there is a burr of metal holding it in there. My guess is that I will send it back to Hornady, wait for 3 months until they can get to it, and at worst maybe have to pay for a new die. Bummer....

BTW - its a Wilson bushing which is what Hornady recommended.


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