Jan 3, 2009
I disassembled a 597 Remington .22 Mag automatic to clean it. Their way to put it together isn't working. I was able to get one spring compressed with a screwdriver and into position but the second one won't go. Any ideas on how to compress the spring and get it into place? I keep getting a "U" shape in the middle and can't get it onto the rod. This will be the last time I ever take it apart!!!!!
Got it, after bloody fingers and about a 100 tries. Whoever designed that P.O.S. bolt should be tarred and feathered minimum. I've had the gun for years for plinking varmints in the yard without need for cleaning. That will be the last time too! Machinists need to invent proper tool for that.
Try disassembling and reassembling a Swedish moped without a manual. In Sweden the college of engineering is in the Home Economics section of the University under Fruitcakes.
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