Help with first tripod


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Jan 31, 2010
Southern Ontario
I’m looking for a multipurpose tripod. I am just starting out in 22 prs style comps this up coming year, and would like to be able to use this tripod for that. I shoot long range with cneterfire but never compete. This tripods main purpose will be for hunting/spotting. It will carry my spotting scope during fall deer seasons, and my varmint rifles during late fall/winter predator hunting.

Currently looking at a manfrotto mt055 pro 4 carbon with ball head or leofoto LS-284C+LH30PCL. I didn’t want to spend 1300 on a rrs set up if I don’t end up sticking with the comps. I figured I’m going need 2 tripods eventually if I do stick with it, keep one for spotter and hunting and deck out one for prs. I just wanted to be able to try working with a tripod and testing out all different sides of it before diving into the rrs.

What’s your thoughts?