Hello from Waddell,az


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Mar 15, 2015
Waddell, Az
I'm writing this from the swinging town of Waddell ,Az it's just outside of PHX.

My name is Pete Thomas I am a father of 4 kids with a beautiful wife that keeps me in line. I own a concrete business here and that what pays the bills and fund's the habit of hunting. Im not a benchrest guy just a hunter. 15 years ago I took up reloading for fun and 10 years ago I took up custom long range gun's. Although I don't build them I have a overwhelming passion for them. I have been part of other forum's for years and have never heard of this until a week ago. And so far I'm very impressed with this site. I certainly look forward to swapping stories with the same breed as me that carries the passion's I do and live for the 2nd. It's people like you and me than will pass this on to the generation's to come. We all know that that is very important to the future of are right's.
Thanks for having me.

Pete Thomas


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Aug 6, 2013
Pete, welcome from Goodyear, AZ. Several of the hunting members here shoot on the desert in Rainbow where there is no distance limit and legally out of city limits. We all reload and hunt. 4 kids, wow!