Hello from Murcia (Spain)


Sep 30, 2009
Hello everybody! I´m very pleased to have found this great website because I have lots of things to learn because in my country, it´s very difficult to practice long range shooting and that is why I don´t have here much information. I have a tikka M65 chambered in 300 win mag and I´ve just started to reload my own ammunition. I am using remington brass, winchester prime, norma MRP powder and hornady A-max 208gr bullet. Any tips? I don´t know exactly which bushing I should use in my redding die, which one would you recommend me? I´ve measured the neck of a loaded cartridge and obtain .320, is it posible?( I say this because I´ve read in this forum that 300 win mag diameter is about .334 more or less) Am I measuring it wrong?

Thank you!!
First of all, Welcome to LongRangeHunting.

You might try your questions in either the General or Reloading forums. Not everybody reads the Members Intro forum. :)
Medicucho, bienvenido!!!
Welcome to this site, I am sure you will enjoy it a lot.
It is very crouded and you get great advice, just be sure you post your threads in the right place. As ss7mm said, you will get the precise answer on the reloading forum.
Check your private messages.

Veo que no soy el unico español aqui...

Ya me diras donde has encontrado esa polvora en España!! Yo, Vectan aparte, no encuentro nada!!

Un saludo y a ver si aprendemos de estos cracks!
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