Hello from Florida


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Nov 13, 2016
Bryceville, FL
My name is John, aka Holdmonkey, and I've been shooting since about 1965. I'm starting to get the hang of it so I figured, what the heck...let's try going outside. I'm finding out that distance is one heck of a game changer! Anyway, I'm here to learn, improve, and, when I know it all, to teach. Glad to meet y'all, and glad to be here.
Welcome. I know the feeling living in Michigan every one thinks it's easy to shoot far when most never shoot over 150 yards. Where shouts in Florida are you from?
I live just out of Jacksonville, in the Northeast of the state. Where in Michigan? I've been up around Cadillac and in the boondocks up north. And yeah, my wife and I went out to Wyoming and Montana again this year and the distances for shots are just mind staggering! But after getting up close and personal with a big grizzly sow and yearling (or older) cub, I can proudly say I'd just as soon shoot at them from over a mile away. Call me crazy ....
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