Hello from Edmonton, Alberta eh?


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Oct 11, 2012
Edmonton, Alberta
Hello to everyone from the land of the frozen north!
Yep, it's darned cold up here!! Kinda wish I was born someplace like florida or texas, but noooo, I had to pop out on this frozen portion of the globe.. I hate cold. I spent many years in the Canadian armoured corps and now find myself in the trades as a welder/ safety advisor for Revcon Oilfield constructors in the oilsands. I have had my eye on a sharps reproduction ever since I saw my grandads rifle as a little munchkin on the farm.( My uncle inherited it) his was a 45-70 I think. So, now many years later, I convince the missus to let me buy my "last rifle".......... hehehe she thinks, hehehe.... anyway, we have a fella up here that sells pedersoli sharps and I have been able to"liberate" the price of one of these beautiful babies from the clutches of my purchasing dept.
I hope that someone here can point me in the right direction for loading and casting for this rifle. I have picked up a couple of books on loading up the cartridge with black powder and duplex loads, but I'm still thirsty for info...
My new rifle will be in my hands by the end of November, so this will give me ample time to work up a load for shooting. I have also ordered a 500 gn spitzer bullet mould for the cartridge as well as a vernier tang site.
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