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    Nov 6, 2012
    Hi everyone I joined last november and have truly enjoyed reading the many articles that are found in this online magazine. I just came across the new member thread and figured it was high time I introduced myself. I really enjoy the sport of shooting and am always looking to hear what others have to say on the subject.I became intersested in shooting about 5 years ago when we started having problems with poachers leaving dead deer near our property which brought the cougars around our home and I was looking for us to be able to defend ourselves as the cougars where leaving foot prints in the yard and began to hunt our barn cats. I went to get a shotgun but was told that since I did not have a current PAL I could only buy a pellet gun that shoots up to 495'fps. Canada has some fairly strict gunlaws so my wife and I took the required courses that we needed to be able to buy firearms And from that time we have enjoyed shooting along with our boys. THe youngest boy completed his hunter training and firearm certifcation last summer and also enjoys shooting. He is currently in Air cadets where they also have markmanship courses. Shooting for us as a family has been something that we can do together and I am always looking to learn more on the subject so this magizine has been Great . Thanks Kevin