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    Jun 7, 2013
    Hello everyone,

    I have been lurking around the site for about a year now. I finally decided to join the fun. I am by no means an expert shooter but I am striving to be a better one. I am fairly new to long distance shooting and I have a ton to learn. But I am excited about learning and doing it. The longest kill shot I have made to date is 612 yards on a coues whitetail. I used a Weatherby Vanguard Sub MOA chambered in 7mm Rem Mag. Topped with a Nikon Monarch. I am currently trying to figure out/ learn my new set up. Which is a Weatherby Vanguard S2 Varmint chambered in 308 Win. Topped with the Huskemaw . I hope to learn from the great people on this sight and hope that I can help spread a bit of knowledge myself. I live in central Arizona, and served 8 years in the US Army. I like to Hunt ,shoot, fish, and 4X4.