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May 29, 2015
Just wanted to say hi. I'm a member of a few other forums, and I've only visited here a few times. But I'm looking to learn a few things, and who knows, maybe I can help one of you out with whatever I may know.

I'm into reloading, and big game hunting. I always have visions of taking one of those spectacular long shots on a deer or elk, but truth be told I've never taken an animal past about 80 yards ::rolleyes:. But some day :D My last buck was at about 15 yards, with a 270 win, and 140 grain Accubond, loaded with 58 grains of H4841sc.

That same 270 (rem 700 stainless) is my upcoming project build. After this fall's hunting season, I'm sending the action down to Pac-Nor, and fitting it with a 280ai barrel/chamber. I already have accumulated 200 pcs of Nosler brass, some 150 grn ABLR, and some 168 grn Berger Hunting VLD. And just came in the mail… two lbs or RL26, :D. I also got a Redding competition seater and Redding sizer die. Can you tell I'm getting supper excited?

Anyway, just saying hi, and we'll see you around!


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