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    Feb 23, 2011
    Greetings all: found this site some time ago and just recently joined. Lots of wealth here as I.ve been reading quite a bit on all the forums. Those here have more knowlege then I in many areas concerning firearms. Seems to be something for everyone when it comes to shooting. Having competed in pape punching in the 70's and having been away from t for many years, I realize that the sport has left me behind.
    My interests have been renewed by this site. So for that, I thank the crew here that sponsor the site.
    Over the years the body has paid the price, the hearing is going and the eyes failing, but I'm still shooting and reloading as well as archery (45 plus years) in that one.

    So what's in the locker? .25wssm for the wife---sweet little rifle for knocking off deer. 270 Win since 1968. Still drives tacks. 308---nocomplaints in the accuracy department 325 for the big stuff and an old 98 8mm. Toss it in the bed of the truck and go.
    Archery--PSE Firstorm short and sweet. Archery Research 34 as a back-up and a BlackWidow RC for the traditionalist. Pretty much somes it up. See you in the forums.
    John in VA.
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    Welcome to LongRangeHunting John. Sounds like you've got a well rounded arsenal there. :)