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Hawkins M5 footprint DBM setup, SA hunter or tactical


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Aug 2, 2010
OK, I've put a lot of deals out there, I'm looking for a Hawkins M5 footprint DBM bottom metal, either their Hunter - flush or Tactical version with ambi mag release. Any have one they are not using at a little less than retail they are not going to use now?
I'm guessing that it only runs terminus specific mags, their site has no images..You have any of the mags to go with? I'm building a 25cm and a 3.0 mag box could be nice. I'm gonna hold out a day or two more, I'm building two of the same at this point and selling one, so wanted the option of a BDL and M5 depending on what guys want, and I'd keep the other.
I have a mag that goes with it for that price.. yes terminus specific mags
I have a few sets of BDL bottom metal listed, you in need of any? Curious this Terminus is basically the Hawkins Hunter set up why you want’n to move on with it, any issues on previous builds with? The Hawkins has about 2.88” usable so this would likely be bit better at 3.0”
You haven’t mentioned a price before
Snagged what I needed guys, Thanks for the offers, Happy 4th! May the "Liberal Agenda" be continued to be fought against by the few with courage...