Hawaiian Mouflon ram hunt for Alaska Blacktail deer

Discussion in 'Swap A Hunt' started by B-LOT Banga, Sep 13, 2019.

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    Aug 11, 2018
    Aloha, I’m very interested in a Alaskan Blacktail hunt or info on a DIY type of hunt. I’ve got more time than money and wouldn’t mind swapping a hunt or swapping any good info on how to get started. I live in Hawaii and our most prized animal is a mouflon ram or hybrid ram besides a axis deer. I love sheep!! No other way to put it!! I’m not the best nor do I have the best access but I do harvest my share but honestly they are getting far and few in between. I cannot promise you a great trophy but I can promise you we will be in the area where they are holding. Anyways I’m not a guide nor am I looking for any monetary gain. It’s more like a scratch my back and I will scratch yours, straight up no BS. I don’t have time for games and I won’t waste your time and expect the same. These types of hunts are hard ranging sea level to 13,000 ft depending on time of year and location. You gotta be fit, no way around it, no BS, it’s a hard hunt. Rifle is preferred but if you want to try with a bow by all means your more than welcome. Again it’s not an easy hunt and the terrain will be ready to kick your butt. I have no experience with Alaskan black tail and know they can be a hard animal to hunt too. Anyways let me know what you have or thinking an maybe we can work something out. Please be serious and I would appreciate you being straight up and honest.

    Have a nice weekend... aloha

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