had to pass on smoking a pack...

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  1. shawn338lapua

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    Jul 28, 2013
    i am just venting right now. My hunting buddy and i had to pass on a pack of coyotes because Saltlake county decided to designate a patch of prime hunting land as "Rec. Area". we saw 5 individuals at about 350 yards. about 20 mins later we saw 5 more(maybe the same 5) at about the same distance. Then 10 mins after that we saw 2 more come up the canyon we were hiking.

    i am new to coyote hunting, only one dog under my belt, this was the first time i had seen so many yotes and we couldn't even get a shot off!

    after doing some reading i did notice that they have a rule of no dogs aloud off leash, so technically if we shoot them we are only helping enforce the rules right? :D
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    May 18, 2011
    I run into places that have tons of yotes, but have i no access. How I beat them at their own game is to get privileges on the land that joins that property. And then I just set up for a long shot. When the snow flies, establish the yotes routes, then set up accordingly.
    Good luck!