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Nov 15, 2001
I'll be using a hunting rifle which is fairly heavy, over 25-30lbs. I'm undecided which stock to purchase, 50cal LBR or Tooley MBR stock. (It may not work for sporter stocks) Do you recommend adding two grooves at the bottom of the forearm and sitting on the guide rail? Is it better for the rifle to slide? What about the soft bags that will hold the rifle and has a lot of friction under it? Will it affect accuracy due to uneven friction? I noticed DC added 2 grooves under the stock. Please share your experiences with the guide rail.

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Does anyone of you use 2 stainless steel grooves under the stock? (helps the rifle slide smoothly and gives more accuracy. Most Heavy BR use guide rails).

or maybe I wasn't making myself clear?


If you are making a rifle in the weight range of 25-30 pounds, I would recommend a stock such as a HBR. The extra width in the forend is an advantage. The only down side is that rest tops of that width are harder to find.

I use steel rails on my heavy rifle and like them a lot. I am building another at the moment and will have rails on that one too.

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