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    Jan 3, 2009
    Older than Dirt, be 70 next click and shutting down fast. Been lurking since Jan of 09 as I completed my upgrade from 1959 Win .270 Mod 70 F/W (after 45 years of hand loading as my kill anything in North America) to a Tikka T-3 SS Lite_338 WM._story later. When old-timers kicks in, I may invent words or misspell to better paint a picture, for more accurate communications, please forgive. LOL
    Happily married 44 yrs in June with 3 wonderful children (35-41ish) and 1 G/D.

    My Top 5 RULES TO LIVE BY:
    1. If~n MAMA ain't happy – ain't nobody happy.
    2. Do it right the 1st's cost effective.
    3. You don't want to die cause you were stupid!
    4. Hunt above the road!
    5. When in doubt....refer to RULE number one.
    This site has been great. Most ALL my questions have been asked before, so I just searched for my answers. Thanks to the Mgt. and many long respected contributors I was able to SAFELY get “Nellie” up to 3,000fps with my new 225gr MRXs for the 2009 ELK season. She's close enough for Gov. work with my ONE load, but I will -as health, time and money allow- try to find the ONE She likes best so when I pass Her on, the work will already be done! I still have work to do! Thanks again Len and the others for such a VALUABLE site.

    OH, every year since 1994 archery season I/We-2 Sons- have been to the Weminuche Wilderness, San Juan National Forest for Elk season (½ the time I go solo). Used big guns since about 2000.
    Score: Us 3 - ELK 1.....but my BIG BOY was the 1 that got up and walked away in [email protected]#[email protected]#$^%$&^&(*)&*%$... = UPGRADE!
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    Welcome to LongRangeHunting.