greetings from north georgia


New Member
Sep 5, 2012
chickamauga, ga
Hey everyone. I stumbled upon this site looking for load data for my new rifle, a 700 ADL in .300 win mag for those of you that are curious. I've already spoke via private message with a few of you and the info has been very helpful. Anyways, quick bio; I'm a paramedic every third day, avid outdoorsman the rest of the time. I've been shooting since I was three, everything from small borecompetition and long range matches to cowboy action shooting. I just started hunting last deer season after several years of being pestered by a buddy. Despite not seeing anything within the 100 yard range of my Winchester '94 in .45 colt, I was hooked. This year I'm better prepared with long range experience and a capable rifle.
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