Grayboe Stocks


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Nov 30, 2016
Reilly Springs, TX
Looking at building a new rifle after the first of the year, I was looking into a Terminus Action and purchasing a pre-fit barrel, but was wondering about a stock. I have McMillan, but was thinking of going with a Grayboe in either Adj. Renegade or the Ridgeback, anybody have any experience with them? The good, the bad and maybe the ugly?
I had the ridgeback and wished I would have never sold it. It was solid and comfortable. Inlet was perfect. Planning on ordering the adjustable renegade soon. I didn’t really need all the m loc attachments on side of ridgeback and didn’t like the way they looked. I think they got it right making the renegade adjustable and adding flush cups. I was waiting for them to add theses options and they did!
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