Got my second IOR(Thanks sakofan)


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Feb 8, 2004
West Tennessee
Goy my first IOR a couple of weeks ago from sakofan---2.5-10X42 Tact
Now I done went and bought another
When I looked thru it at dusk the other night I decided I would put it on the 7mm/300 win mag being built at this time.
Then today I saw a First Plane IOR Lit 4-14X50 Tact------Looks like the 2.5 will have to go on the mountain rifle
Will it ever end?????????

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Sometimes I wonder if it might be better to be addicted to crack instead of precision rifles.
Yikes, I have created a monster!! I'm so glad you like it, Steve.

Funny that Ruffhewn should post on this one, he got me started on IOR's. He did me a big favor, to say the least.

I had a 2.5-10x56mm IOR lit first focal plane MP8 reticle too.

Steve, is yours a lit MP8??..sakofan..
Lit MP8 4-14X50 Tact
I havent actually got it yet-- Made the deal on another site-- I got to get the funds in the mail this week
By the way Mark, I tried to call you yesterday with an emergency Question.
Then I remembered to call Jim M
Steve, you can call me at home if you like. Just email me today, and I'll give you my home number. You must have called my cell phone. I worked on some blue prints for a big job yesterday, and left my phone off..sakofan...Jim M has forgot more about IOR's and optics in general than I'll ever know anyway!!!
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