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Dec 9, 2020
Social Circle, GA
Good night to everyone, have a pleasent sleep and a great weekend tomprrow. I wish that if you are looking for reloading components that you find all you need and if your are selling please give the buyers a fair price and make a great transaction! Let's treat each other as brrothers and help each other out in these dismal times. Times will get better only if we make correct trading decisions. God Bless all!! Stay Safe! Remember there is not a lot of people out there with our same values. Let us keep our brotherhood going and help each other. If someone needs some cartridges for an ekl or moose hunt and they can't find what they need for a liftime hunt - sell them some of your shells or better yet give the sheels to them, we need more :'Pay it Forward" GROUPS. beleive me it will work out in the end if yo help out a fellow hunter shooter. and myself have been trying to give more that i take, It works. have larger companies providing use with materials with no cost or at cost, I can't beleive the generosity from members in this site, THANK ALL OF YOU AND GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.!!! Very good and Blessed people on this site,
Len & Jill
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same values
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