General questions for grouse in the West


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Oct 10, 2020
North Utah
Hi all. I've got a one year old bird dog and due to health and training setbacks he wasn't ready to chase birds until Halloween. I'm new to bird hunting in the west. I live in Utah now, grew up in Maine. I'm wondering if it's as true as it seems that grouse season is pretty much over as soon as there's snow on the peaks. Barring quads and such. The roads I know of into the highlands are shut, or they are too far away to be reasonable on a weekend. In general, is it completely pointless looking for ruffed or duskies below 8,000? I've looked in places where they'd have okay habitat but have no access to the high timber because they run out of mountain. No luck though.

Anyway we've been having an okay time pretending to look for pheasants and ducks, and I don't mind getting my wheels on for chukar, but I'd really like to get him on a grouse this year and I'm not ready to give up on that yet. It's just my kind of thing and he loves the woods more than the flats or the sage by a factor of 5. I'm not asking for spots obviously, just a general idea, unless someone in the area needs company or a buddy with a non-precious 4x4.