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SOLD/EXPIRED GA Precision 7wsm


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Sep 11, 2012
Garland TX
For Sale: GA Precision 7 wsm rifle. McMillan A6 stock with adjustable cheek, Lawson 7000 action, spiral fluted bolt, 27" barrel, vias brake, harris bi-pod, tactical sling, 2 5rnd mags, badger base, and the following accessories.

1 box Sierra 175gr hpbt bullet heads
1 box Barnes 145gr LRX BT
4 boxes Barnes Solids 140gr BT Spitzer
1 box Barnes 160gr MRX BT
25 loaded Barnes MRX bullets
20 loaded Barnes Solids
1 box of Federal Premium Nosler Partition ammo
85 pieces of brass
Redding Competition Dies

Log onto Youtube and watch them shoot steel at 2,000 yards with a similar rifle. Awesome accuracy!

$3800 obo





Lawton machine 7000 action
McMillan A5 stock with adjustable cheek
Badger Thruster brake
Thanks for the inquiries. Here are the answers.

Yes, still have the rifle for sale.

It is a 27" Lawton barrel, that measures 1.236" at the chamber and .980" at the muzzle break. It has a 1-8.5" twist. This is best suited for a long or heavy bullet. The gun likes 175 SMK or 180 Berger.

Gun weighs right at 15lbs, with scope, sling, bi-pod as seen in pictures.

No targets handy, but I have had so many requests for targets I think I will go to the range soon after the holidays and post one.

The gun has right at 900 rounds through it. I know some will be concerned with this, but Lawton tells me the barrel should last to 3,000 rounds before any deficiency should be noticed, and the gun has always seen light loads and been well taken care of.

I am a motivated seller, so do not be afraid to make an offer. Who knows I might just say yes.

Take care,

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