1. Tikkamike

    Tikkamike Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2009
    I went deer hunting this last weekend and it sucked so my brother inlaw went and did some coyote calling. I borrowed my dads foxpro prairie blaster. Forst stand I started with pup distress and immediatley had a couple coyotes howling back at me. 10 mins later I saw sometihg on a distant hill that looked like a coyote sitting on its butt that I hadnt noticed before. then a minute later I saw something in the brush to the right and down the hill from that spot. they were a ways away (450 yards) and in a spot that looked like they were going to come right in to my brother in law (he had never killed a coyote so I was hoping to get him one. they started down the hill but went behind the next hill rather than come down the draw like I thought they would. so that stand was no shots fired.. bummer but still cool to call a double. the next stand we were just walking into and we spotted a coyote in the open at 250 yards. i got down on my gun with the bipod in the sitting position and my bro in law had to go prone because his bipod is only 13" tall and he couldnt see the coyote. I didnt know that at the time. so I stopped the coyote with a bark and waited and waited and nothing. I should have shot but I was hoping my partner would .. then he says he cant see it so about that time the coyote takes off again and I couldnt get him stopped till what I guessed at 400 yards and then he was in the brush so I could only see his face. I put the 400 yard mark on him and shot (338 win) I thought I heard him yelp at the shot and he spun around like he was hit but he took off like he wasnt hurt at all so I am calling it a miss. next stand yielded nothing and the batteries in the foxpro were getting weak so we called it a day. But I had a great time and I think ill be buying a foxpro or something similar I really like the fact that you can call and change calls and not have to move at all.
  2. Korhil78

    Korhil78 Well-Known Member

    Jun 22, 2011
    I am going to do some calling in the morning. I will let you know how I like the Shockwave. It is supposed to be their new state of the art caller. It has a lot of options that you can play with. I have the FoxBang set up so we will see how that works if multiples come in.