SOLD/EXPIRED FS Trued Remington Sportsman 78 LA w/ Six Enterprises stock & one piece mount

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May 14, 2012
Fort Worth, Tx
I picked this up as a long range project a while back and really don't see myself using it. It's a Remington Sportsman 78 (bascially a 700) long action that has had the threads cut to .010" over, the internal lugs, the front receiver ring and the bolt face all trued (using Manson tooling) and the lugs lightly lapped. I also installed an aftermarket brushed aluminum bolt shroud and a one piece picatinny scope mount. The bluing on the receiver is really good (I don't think it was ever carried in the field) and it comes with the factory trigger group. There were a few spots of surface rust on the bolt handle but nothing substantial. The spots were cleaned up with fine steel wool. No box magazine or follower are included. I was going to put a PTG aluminum BDL mag box on it but never got around to it.

The stock is from Six Enterprises. It's brand new, I even had the box until I used it to ship another stock. I's a dark charcoal/black and I think the quality is quite good. I really like the stock and if I ever actually hunted I'd probably keep it.

Price is $550 plus shipping w/ insurance.

If my price is really out of line or if you have questions let me know. Also posted at

I'll be hiking in New Mexico until early next week but should be able to reply as cell service allows.

Thanks for looking, BP


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