SOLD/EXPIRED FS Stolle Panda BR receiver w/ trigger, bases & rings

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May 14, 2012
Fort Worth, Tx
I know this is more of a hunting forum but just in case there are some mixed discipline shooters out there!

Good evening!

I'm putting this up for sale because I'm moving on to other projects.

Stolle Panda Receiver in the non-typical round style w/ recoil lug. Polished Aluminum.
Sized for BR cartridges, 2.810" port length
.473 bolt w/ flat face
1.470" diameter x 8 3/4" long including lug
Straight fluted bolt
Shilen BR trigger
Davidson bases
Kelby single screw rings

$850 plus shipping

The story on this is I bought it a couple of years ago to build my first BR rifle. Took me another year to acquire the reamer, stock, used barrel, trigger, rest, etc. Chambered up one of my very first barrels, added the trigger, bedded the stock, loaded some ammo and took it to the range. It was my first time using a rest and shooting a BR rifle. I sighted it at 50 then took it to 100. After getting it sighted in a complete rookie with a loose rest (rookie mistake, I didn't tighten it down) generic load of 30 g Varget seated .005" off the lands shot a 5 shot group measured .367". Ammo was getting low but I then shot a 10 shot group of .467". With a better driver and a tiny bit of load workup I think it would be a .2xx" gun easily.

Anyhow, that's the story of the receiver since I've had it. According to Thud there's probably less than 200 rounds through the receiver since it was made.



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