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Sep 17, 2008
The Snowy Mountain Rifle Company 350 action is one of the original designs. This action has a normal Remington M700 footprint so it accepts these type bottom metals as well as being compatible with Remington triggers.
Where the SMR 350 action differs from the Remington is in the machining tolerances that are held as well as a couple other aspects such as the round rear receiver bridge that matches the contour of the front. These actions are machined as true as possible and do not need any further trueing done to them.

This action utilizes a Pacific Tool and Gauge bolt with the handle being welded to the bolt body instead of being silver soldered. The bolt is also given what we call a slab-side and includes a mini M-16 extractor which is placed just above the right side bolt lug. These extractors are a big improvement over original Remington design. The bolt knob is a larger target style. The trigger is a Timney set to 3 pounds and the action is topped with an SMR built 20 MOA picatinny spec rail. A side bolt release is standard.

This particular rifle is chambered in .308 Winchester and fitted with a Benchmark barrel finished at 19” from the front of the recoil lug and the muzzle is threaded 5/8X24 for a suppressor or muzzle brake. Twist rate of the barrel is 1:10. The barreled action is set into a Bell and Carlson M40 style stock and also fitted with an SMR detachable mag system that is very close in design to the Badger Ordnance. SMR has tightened up the clearance on the mag so it is a bit tighter fit but the mag still feeds into the mag system smoothly and drops free easily.

I had the opportunity to fire this rifle in some not-so-nice conditions. Temperature was 30 degrees F and winds were 12-15 fishtailing from the 6 o’clock position. Firing was done from the prone off of Harris swivel bipod and a Red Tac Gear rear bag was used for stability. A total of seven rounds were fired. The first three rounds were getting point of impact close to point of aim at 50 yards. The fourth shot fired was to confirm on paper at 100 yds and that shot was a touch low but very close to the target dot. I then switched over to the target shown in this pic for the final three rounds.

What should be noted is that this IS NOT the best group of XX number of groups, this was the ONLY group fired that day. Yes, that is a three round group but considering the conditions and firing position, I was impressed and felt no need to fire two more rounds for the heck of it. I haven’t measured group size but it is around 0.30”, maybe a touch less.

Price for this rifle, which DOES NOT include the Leupold scope or the Harris Bipod (those are my test mules) is priced at $1900.00 plus shipping and insurance. Consider what you are getting here: Custom action, Benchmark barrel that’s already threaded and thread protector included, Timney trigger, Mag system that accepts AICS mags, B&C stock, and 20 MOA scope base. Rifle weight sans optic and bipod is 8.0 pounds. This rifle is very competitively priced and delivers on performance. Thank you for looking. Give me a call if you are interested. I will be at SHOT all week but somebody will be available to ship the rifle as soon as payment and FFL paperwork arrive.



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