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SOLD/EXPIRED FS Semi Custom Savage 300 win Mag

John-Pure Precision

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Feb 2, 2009
Grand Junction Colorado
New Price!! FS Semi Custom Savage 300 win Mag

FS 300 win mag built off Stevens action. Has 26 inch Mcgowen match grade Barrel target contour bull barrel. Bel and carlson duramax stock bedded action, trigger pulls at three pounds. Gun shoots .5 MOA and better! has 160 documented rounds through barrel

Gun comes with Load data and all rounds fit in Mag! Gun shoots 2892 fps with a 200 grain SMK! Shot rifle out to only 1200 yards so far and was hitting a 6 inch rock. Has three kills with three shots Deer 625, Prongrorn 480, Bull Elk, 460. Rifle puts strong competitiong to my buddys 338 edge

New price on rifle last ditch effort: Rifle will go 950.00 and Leupold scope for 700.00 Let me know
Thanks for looking
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I have seen this gun in action and it is sweet. For the money you can't do better. I saw it shoot .25moa at 200yards laying prone on the ground with backpacks and coats for a rest. You will love it if you buy it!

c ya gabe