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SOLD/EXPIRED FS Savage 110 heavy barrel

He asked a couple of good questions. He asked what thread pitch the muzzle is cut for & how it was shooting for me. The answers below:

It's 5/8 X 24. This thread is also used on the Remington rifles with the factory brake. Since it's a 30 cal. I didn't want to use the AR15 1/2 X 28 (I think) brakes, so I went with what I feel is the correct size brake for a 30 cal.

The barrel seems to shoot well. Most groups have the first 3 shots touching (at 100 yards), then the next shot is out about an inch. If I keep the barrel, I need to buy a really good stock & bed everything in properly. I'm currently using a tupperware stock with the barrel channel hogged out for clearance. I have no doubt that my fliers are caused by poor bedding. Also, they're just break-in loads, Hornady 165 boat tail spire points over IMR4831. I used them for deer hunting with the rifles original barrel.
I do not know if it's the air gauged barrel or not. I bought the blank from a local gunsmith who couldn't remember all the particulars. It is CM.