FS/FT: A Little Slice of Florida. Land for Cheap!


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May 8, 2016
I have some land in Lake Placid, Florida that I don't want or need. All I do is pay taxes on it so it's time for it to go. It's a tad under half an acre and is a corner double lot of undeveloped land on a block that's also undeveloped. It looks like someone wanted to put a subdivision in so they made the roads for one and did the parcel splits and then they kinda stopped. This is one of the parcels in what would have been a subdivision. The whole block is empty so an enterprising person could own a whole block to themself without a crazy amount of money being spent. There's one neighbor on the other side of the street and another a good peck down on a different block but it's otherwise very nicely equipped without neighbors. I'm sure you could have a really loud party there without anyone caring the least. The parcel is owned free and clear by me and has property taxes of about $60 a year which are all paid up. It's been assessed at $7700 value in 2020 but I'll go $3500 cash or $4500 for a trade or combination of cash and trade stuff as a gimme to the LRH crowd. I have a deed and plot map and all the goodies on hand. Transfer can happen in just a couple days.

I don't enjoy Florida myself and don't plan on visiting or retiring there. My pops bought the plot before he passed for entirely too much money and it was left to me after he passed. It's a nice spot within about a mile of one of the boat launches for Lake Placid. If you're renting in Florida, why not own your own place for cheap. If you own already, why not own more. The perfect spot to build your ultimate man cave on.

Cash transaction is to be done via zelle or paypal. Most banks in the USA offer Zelle in their phone app. It's free (unlike paypal) and really easy to use. Paypal must be done either F&F or you add the 3% they eat.

Trade goods:
99-04 Mustang GT in good running condition. Don't care about mileage.
96-04 Mustang Cobra in good running condition. Don't care about mileage.
Mercury Marauder in good running condition.
Lincoln Aviator in good running condition.
Gen 4 Camaro/Firebird w/ V8 and manual trans in good running condition. Don't care about mileage.
Gen 5 Pontiac GTO in good running condition. Don't care about mileage.
high end scopes (S&B, Khales, TT, ZC, US Optics, NF, Vortex Razor, etc...)
high end rangefinders like Terrapin/Terrapin-X/PLRF-15/Vector 21/Vector 23
complete custom/semi-custom rifles
aftermarket bolt action receivers
Barret MRAD
Olympic Arms WSSM AR-15 uppers

I'm not looking to put cash on top of my dirt but you're free to put cash on top of your trade item but you still get the trade price.

Serious parties please private message me. I'll give you an address and my phone # and we can chat. If you're not seriously able and wanting to do a deal, please be kind and save my time and yours.

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