VLD Pilot

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Dec 24, 2017
Northern, Mi
Guys, I don’t think it’s Biden we have to worry about. I think it will be his Veep that should terrify us.
Won't be Biden that we have to worry about. He'll be in the basement his entire term(s). It'll be whoever he picks to be his VP that will be directed by the far left liberal mob. Headed up by Pelosi and Shummer. Still, we'll get thru it, we always do.


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Dec 25, 2016
SE Idaho
Got back to freedom this weekend.....but not Freedom WY...
This time to Challis Idaho....small little town situated south of Salmon Idaho....Northeat of the hills....
South Fork of Salmon River runs around the town of Challis....missed the stonefly hatch..but still picked up a few of the stonefly pattern and a few of bead head nymphs.....
Nice trip...great food at a little diner....i most always try to eat somewhere in the little towns i their economy some...this time Bent Rod fly shop did really well on my visit...but I did catch a heck of a deal on some new lightweight stocking foot waders and shoes.....
Hope some of y'all got a taste of Freedom this weekend...if not...ha......😁...
This time I only caught three species of slimies......whitefish..cutthroat...and rainbow.....0717201849.jpg0717201924a.jpg0718201153a.jpg0718200930b.jpg

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