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    A pair of DF7X40 Individual Focusing Checkpoint Charley Binoculars, Optical quality of these is unsurpassed for the price. The DF 7 X 40 Binoculars are commonly thought of as the best binocular to come out of the Carl Zeiss Jena Factory. These Binoculars were used by the NVA (National Volksarmee) (East German Army) for surveillance purposes; they are commonly called the Berlin Checkpoint Charlie Binoculars.

    INCLUDED, DF7X40 Binoculars, Ocular Lens Filters (Green), Objective Lens Covers, Original Military Neck Strap, Range Finder (built in),

    Oversized Ocular Lenses (22mm), Infrared Detection,Nitrogen Filled, Completely Waterproof, Rugged Military Specifications, Full Rubber , Armor Coated, Individual Focusing with Diopter Adjustment, nternal Range Finding Reticle (Illuminated), Low Light Ocular Filters (Green), Zeiss Multi Coated optics, Zeiss Lenses For Maximum Clarity, Sharpness And Color Definition, Rubber (compressible) Eyecups For Eyeglass Wearers, Suitable For Use With A Gas Mask

    Nomenclature: Doppelfernrohre DF 7X40
    Magnification: 7 X Objective Lens Diameter: 40mm Ocular Lens Diameter: 22mm
    Focus Type: Individual Focusing (no central focusing ring)
    Ocular Diopter Range: + 5 to - 3
    Field Of View: 485' at 1,000 yds (8.5 degrees)
    Field Of View: 150m at 1000m (8.5 degrees)
    Eye Relief: 22mm (good for eyeglass wearers)
    Prisms: BaK 4 (better depth perception)
    Prisms: High Index Porro
    Exit Pupil Diameter: 5.7mm
    Lens Coatings: Zeiss T3 Magnesium Fluoride
    Lens Coatings: Anti-reflective multi-coating
    Light Transmission: 98%
    Minimum Focus Range: 13 Feet
    Operating Range: - 35°F to + 120°F
    Geometric Luminosity: 32.5
    Twilight Capacity: 16.3
    Dimensions: App. 7.75” X 5.5” X 2.5”
    Dimensions: App. 20cm X 13.5cm X 6.5cm
    Weight: 1200 kg (42.3 ounces)
    Nitrogen Filled (can’t confirm though)
    Fog Proof

    OPERATION: The glasses have an infrared detector disc that glows emerald green when an infrared light source hits the lenses. Special Forces wearing night vision devices, such as the AN/PVS7-B goggles, typically use these infrared illuminators. To go to infrared detection mode you simply turn a cone shaped button on the left side in order to rotate a detection disc or filter into the left side viewer. Vision is maintained in the right ocular. To improve color contrast under certain light conditions the glasses are equipped with lens filters (included), which snap into the ocular lens housing. There is also a range-finding grid in the right ocular used to determine distance to an object. In low light conditions, the tick marks are hard to see since they are black. To overcome this, the ranging grid can be illuminated with an illuminator device and power supply.
    Note:What you see in the picture is all that comes with the Bino's

    will trade for good long range scope

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