SOLD/EXPIRED For Sale - Either My MRC XCR or my Rem Model 7, Both in 260 Remington


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Dec 28, 2007
Billings, MT
I have two 260 Remingtons and am selling one. I don't care which one goes; but, whichever does, I'm keeping the other. Why? On two separate forums I sent pms to sellers telling them I would take their 260. Before retracting one of those, both sellers had confirmed. I'm not one to back out once I say "I will take it". The top rifle is a Montana Rifle Company XCR, is brand new and has never been fired. The bottom rifle is a Remington Model 7. The Model 7 has been used, has a couple of minor "use marks" and is overall excellent condition. I am the third owner. The gentleman from whom I bought it said that the first owner had fired it "very little" and that he had put 20 to 30 rounds through it. I need $1,050 shipped and insured for the MRC and I need $750 shipped and insured for the Model 7. Whichever sells first goes, the other stays with me.

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Jan 15, 2011
Please let me know if the sale falls through as I am interested in the Model 7. Thanks, Don

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