FN Mauser 98 actions (Supreme, Deluxe)


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Sep 12, 2016
All are FN-produced, commercial (full left wall), 1950's vintage. At least one appears to have been a Sako/Browning model. All are very clean and in perfect working order. All have the standard bolt face for 30-06 / .308 / .284 family case heads. All are drilled and tapped for rails/mounts. All have tall, sharp barrel threads. Prices include shipping to your FFL (US only).

PM me for pics.

Action #1: In the white; some patina but no visible rust; adjustable trigger (not sure who made this one, but it's crisp and breaks light) with side safety. Floor plate release inside trigger guard. Includes Hogue olive green stock with full aluminum block, inletted for this action and trigger. Material was removed from the barrel channel to accommodate a heavy barrel. Stock has not been into the field and is free of marks or blemishes. $400 (I am not selling these separately from one another)

Action #2: Blued, nearly without any marks (>99%); Sako adjustable trigger with side safety, also really crisp and breaks light. Floor plate release is the "pin" version. Doesn't appear (to me) to have ever been barreled or fired. $375

Action #3: Blued, >98%. Standard trigger, upgraded safety to accommodate the use of a scope. Likely a factory trigger, which is still quite nice. Floor plate release is the "pin" version. $350

Add $20 to any of these for an EGW 0 MOA rail (I only have one).