Fighting deer, impressive pictures!!!


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Oct 16, 2008
I received this pictures on my email today, and was impressed after taking a look at them.
I did not take those pictures, dont know who did. But they just show how cruel nature can be!!!. Those gorgeous bucks get locked up and destiny and nature take their way. All of those who believe that animals are friends and nice, and that believe Disney stories should take a look at this.





Look closer guys. Both of those deer were shot.


Yep, second pic looks like two entrance wounds to the one on the right. Then third pic from bottom it looks like the buck on the left in bleeding profusely from the left side then the second pic from the bottom shows the entry.
I didnt look at the pictures in that way, they might have been shot there when they were locked up, probably that is the only reason for one of the bucks to bleed so much through the nose or mouth; but the other buck appears to be bledding from his belly, which is kind of awkward. Anyway they were locked up pretty good!!!
+1 with coyboy: ****** way for those bucks to die like that.
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