F-Class @St. Louis Benchrest Club

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    Jun 18, 2010
    There are informal (non registered matches) on the first Thursday of each month from April to September. We shoot two matches of 2 sighters and 15 scored for a total of 34 rounds fired at 600 yards. There is a $10 fee to shoot the match and lunch is provided. Please show up by 7:30 for registration. These are the remaining dates:
    Thursday, August 4th
    Thursday, September 8th -This will be the championship. Round count and match fees TBD.

    In addition to these informal matches, there are three remaining NRA approved Mid-Range matches at St Louis this year. These are shot beside the sling and iron shooters. There are 4 matches of 2 sighters and 20 scored for a total of 88 rounds fired. These matches start at 8am sharp and it is a good idea to be at the range at 7 to register. Match fees are $35 and lunch is extra if available. (Bring your own in case) These are the remaining NRA Approved matches:
    Sunday, August 28th
    Saturday, October 22nd
    This is a private range and is only open to non-members during the matches. For more information on St. Louis Benchrest club and to join, click here.
    For results of matches and photos, click here.