SOLD/EXPIRED EDM .408 Chey-Tec w/.50 barrel and Bolt 4 Sale

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    Sep 16, 2003
    I have this rifle for sale.

    It's and EDM comes with a .50 cal barrel and bolt 4 .408 mags and a 34" bull barrel and a 30" barrel tappered (see diagram) to accept and OPS-INC silencer. If you know anyone who is interested feel free to give them my e-mail or phone # (408) 842-8175. This is the rifle and barrel that shot these groups.

    Here are the stats to all the custom work done on it.

    .408 Chey-Tac Intervention, repeater receiver 33” x 1 5/8“ .408 bbl and Bolt, lug , brake and 4, 5 round Mags
    » .50 Caliber 30” Stock barrel, bolt, lug and brake
    » 9” x 5/8” Steel Bi-pod stud with modified M-60 Bi-pod. Adjustable Titanium stock rod (left) Aluminum (right)
    » Adjustale cheek piece, aluminum mono-pod, milled scope rail, Set trigger 1 lb. - Standard 4lbs.
    » Nxs 12 x 42 with NP-R2 reticule, Assault Systems case, Blackhawk straps and accessories.

    The weight of the rifle varies depending on the configuration

    » 39 lbs with .408 bull barrel and 4 mags -- 57 lbs. with all Gear listed above
    .50 on the .408 receiver firing as a single shot, the weight was 31.5 Lbs
    .408 Barrel tappered for silencer weight is 29 Lbs.
    » Conversion, scope adjustment, target and fire @ 800 yards with spotter 62 seconds (average).