Edge min. Trim to length "new brass"


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Jan 22, 2008
First my method of sizing.
1 - New 300 Rum case (Remington), expand neck with a Sinclair neck expander.
2 - Run through the Redding FL S bushing die.

I start with a case "on average" with a length of 2.841. after expanding length drops to 2.827 (witch is to be expected). The shoulder stays the same through my process (A very good thing).

Now for my question: after checking 50 cases after sizing, I have cases ranging from 2.824-2.830 (Average of 2.827) . What should be the "min" trim length, to Cole out the short ones. Or should I even trim, until there fired for the first time.

Regards Mike.
Over the week end, I did some more sizing. I played with different lubes.I found that with graphite dry lube, inside the neck, the OL improved. The last 50 cases the max OL was 2.832 and the minimum was 2.828. Big difference. And the run out went down also from .oo4 max to a .oo2 max. I'm a happier camper. But now, I would like to know, What the minimum trim length should be?????.
The first 50 had a min. of 2.824. Now that I got my sizing down, the min is 2.828. I was think of grouping them into several different groups like 2.824 and 2.828, then 2.830. Then start load development.

Thoughts, any one?????
Regards Mike.
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