Early Lithgow Manufactured Australian/British Pattern 1907 Mk1 "SMLE" Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Bay


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Sep 29, 2012
Phila Burbs
I am selling an Early Lithgow Manufactured, (Rare Double Star Proofed Blade), Australian/British Pattern 1907 Mk1 "SMLE" Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Bayonet. I do not have the scabbard.

This is an Early Australian 1907 Bayonet and is classified as a sword/knife - too short for a sword, too long for a knife. It is manufactured to fit the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield No.1 series Infantry Rifles and were used during WWI and WWII.

The hilt incorporates a very basic steel "bird's head" pommel, without oil hole, with push-button/internal-spring latch, steel cross guard. The grips are of wood and are held in place by two screw/nut assemblies. All steel parts are blued. One screw head is buggered and can be seen in the pictures.

The blade is a single-edge type, single fullered (both sides) and the entire blade is blued.
The blade show some slight speckling and has No Nicks or Gouges. The edge appears to be the original factory edge without re sharpening.

Blade has the Following Proof Marks:

LITHGOW - Manufactured at Lithgow
Bend test mark, proof
Lithgow manufacture mark
Early Lithgow proof mark, Rare Double Star with an "A" in each Star

There is also a proof on the blade that I cannot find. It appears to be a box with a Crown.

Price is $100.00 picked up in or near zip code 19096. I will ship at your cost.

If you have an Australian MK1 "SMLE" you need this 1907 Lithgow built Bayonet.