SOLD/EXPIRED DTA SRS-A1 w/Monopod GEN II with SAC Custom Barlein .338


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Jun 19, 2014
Up for sale is a DTA SRS A-1 (gen 2) in Black/FDE with the monopod and adjustable cheek piece. The chassis comes with a DTA .338 bolt assembly, FDE cerakoted magazine and extra magazine. The barrel is a 30” Bartlein DTA contoured blank spun up by Mark Gordon at Short Action Customs. He installed an American Precision Arms “Fat Bastard” break on it as well. The custom barrel is cerakoted FDE to match the chassis. The rifle has approximately 300 rounds through the tube. Mark also personally stoned the trigger on this rifle. This trigger is EXCELLENT and has an incredibly crisp break (best I have felt on a DTA to date). Regarding the appearance, this rifle is in EXCELLENT condition. The only mark on it is pictured on the top rail. There is a little scuff (which I took a picture of) from the sunshade on my gen ii optic. Other than that – I would say this is darn near perfect.

This is a tough one to let go… as the rifle has consistently shot in the .200’s and teens when the shooter does his part. My best 3 shot group measured .003”. Needless to say, the accuracy and load in this rifle is pretty tuned up. The load is a very mild load yet the rifle trues out to 2751 fps with a 300 grain SMK. Obviously, I will be sharing all of the load data. I am sure I could run the rifle much harder but given the accuracy and SD, I saw no need to mess with the load. I haven’t really stretched her legs too far but so far this rifle is pretty tough on steel to 1280 yards. I simply haven’t had the space to get her out much further. I have owned this rifle since September 2014.

In addition to the firearm, I am including a pelican 1750 case that the rifle will ship in along with 180 loaded rounds in a MTM case. I will have to ship the loaded ammo cases separately. Payment is via check or other arrangements made through the transaction. Sorry – I am not interested in any trades.

Cost is $5750 for the entire package shipped to your FFL. This includes the rifle, extra magazine, 180 loaded Lapua rounds, MTM boxes (2) and a FDE Pelican case. If you are not interested in the Pelican case, I have the special box the rifle shipped in from SAC and I am willing to knock off $150 bucks. NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SALE IS THE ATLAS BIPOD AND RAZOR GEN II. Please feel free to ask me any questions via PM and thank you for looking.



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