Drummond cartriges

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    Feb 12, 2008
    HI,i am interested in hearing if any of you ever shot or know some one who shot or owns one of tom drummonds ccustom catriges in 7 mm or 300 drummond magnum.he use skko actions and mouser single shot actions to build these guns.does any one have one and who made those thumb hole laminated stocks?
    gary b.

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    I can remember reading articles in shooting times magazines when I was younger about Harry Drummond and his brother doing some long range groundhog hunting. They used a Barr & Stroud rangefinder and were making hits past a 1000 yrds. Their longest hit was 1.450 yrds on a grounghog. They would range the hog and then move off to another target at that distance and get sighted in and return back to the groundhog to drop him. That is the reason I built a 7m/m-300 Wby with a 28 inch bull barrel, big stock like his and I had a 2 inch 36x Unertl scope on it. I lived in Ohio and loved to go grounghog hunting.
    His cartridges were Weatherby cases with 60* shoulders on them
    6.5-300 Wby
    7m/m-300 Wby
    7m/m-378 Wby
    30-378 Wby
    He used Douglas barrels and Unertl scopes but it doesn't say in his ad who made the stocks. I still have his ad from a back of a shooting magazine. I can try to take a pic of it if you want.
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    Aug 23, 2008
    go recheck your magazine. i think you will find it was (tom drummond) and
    (harry kieser) not a brother. harry would have been at least one of the sources he used to produce the guns. alex hoyer (could) have been also prior to his death.
    harry was primarily an optics man who specialized in the repair of very large military optics popular among long range hunters at that time.
    im not aware that drummond himself was a gunsmith.
    there arent many people still alive who could furnish good information.
    a visit to troxells gun shop in williamsport could furnish some however.
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    Aug 23, 2008
    the thumbhole laminated stocks which were typicaly 1/8" laminates of maple
    and walnut would no doubt have been supplied by either the e c bishop co
    or reinhart fajen. they were the major suppliers of that era. final inletting, bedding and finish could have been done by drummond or a host of others.
    richards microfit in ca. also furnished sporter stocks of that style and still does.
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    Aug 2, 2007
    There is an article on the 1977 edition of Gun Digest by Bob Bell with a picture of the whole line of cartridges based on 378 and 300 Weatherby.