Diseased kidney?

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    Nov 14, 2012
    I've posted a similar thread in the rabbit thread. Is this a diseased deer kidney?

    I was on the way to the doggie park in San Antonio with my new Lab/Husky pup when I looked down on the side of the path and saw a baby deer, dead. Semi warm, no rigor mortis, no gunshot wound, no bite marks, no sign of trauma, and covered in ticks. I checked with the local Park cop sitting in his vehicle talking on the phone and he said it was OK if I disposed of the deer.

    I got him home and skinned and gutted him. Very little, under a year old, bony, not a lot of meat, probably dehydrated. Skin, gums, tongue, eyes and all organs looked healthy, except the kidneys. One kidney looked better, but as you can see, the other kidney has some tan spots.

    I'm wondering if this little guy died of disease? Any ideas?

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    Your silly, they look fine to me, thats just a layer or epethilum (seroius membrane) on there.