Differance between Vortex PA and HS


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Feb 25, 2012
G'Day all i'm looking at buying either a

Viper 4-12x40 PA
Viper HS 4-16x44 (capped)

1 is 30mm tube 1 is 1" but other than that i can't find any differance other than magnification and the HS being a little more expensive.

I think for the majority of my hunting < 400 metres, 12X will be enough, it's only occasionally i shoot to 550m. Most of my shots being in the 200-300 range i think the 12X will work better with the BDC recticle seeing as you need to be on maximum magnification for the recticle to work.

So whats the differance between these HS and PA?

Thanks in advance

Oct 12, 2012
Hi Stix,

There's not much difference really, they both have about the same glass, HS has a little bit better coatings and Armortek, which is a protective coating.

The HS isn't quite as long as the PA, not even an inch difference though. If you already have one type of rings (30mm or 1") that might be something to factor in (which I'm sure you already have).

Like you're saying I think for the range you're shooting the 4-12 will definitely put you where you need to be.


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Oct 11, 2010
I cannot speak for the Hs, but I do have a pa 4-12x40 on my 7mm-08. I replace a bushnell legend wide view in the same power. This is my third vortex scope (my others are also pa's in 6.6-20x44). I love these exiles. My only complaint with the 4-12 is the bdc hash marks at times are hard to see, compared to the 30mm larger ones I have, and it cost at the time I bought it the same as the othets. But in all its a great scope and well worth the investment.