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Sep 27, 2008
s.e. Pa.
Im posting this for a friend. I have hooked him on Savages and now he wants to build a target action 22-250 . I am willing to part this out, but any offers for the whole gun supercedes any offers for parts. This was just built over the summer and has 275 rounds on the whole gun.

-model 12 SS centerfeed action w/ accutrigger with .473 BF
- SSS single shot follower($18 value)
- SSS competition recoil lug($28 value)
- SS barrel nut
- NO trigger guard or action screws.
-$315 shipped for everything/or $290 without the SSS lug/or $280 without the lug and follower action is SPF
-SSS HBR stock
-color is "John Deere" green/yellow
-bull barrel contour
-not bedded
-inletted with no magbox cutout/to be used with SSS single shot follower
-can also be used with target action due to same action screw spacing(just cant use middle screw
unless you install a middle pillar)
-Finished with 7 coats of autimotive clearcoat. All it needs is the finishwet sanding and buffing to
smooth the high/low spots. Very deep looking finish though, and very tough.
-$300 shipped

-SSS/Douglas 6.5x55 barrel
-26" long
-small shank
-8 twist
-1" bull contour
-275 rounds fired
-will include SSS recoil lug
-$240 shipped
$300 shipped with the following---a) 141pcs of 1xFF,sized& primed Rem brass
b) Redding neck die barrel pkg is SPF

*scope,rings,and base not included
*for sale on other sites
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Re: WTS custom Savage 6.5x55(parting out)

action pkg is SPF.

stock and barrel pkg is still available.
Re: WTS custom Savage 6.5x55(parting out)

acgtion and barrel are SPF.. Stock is all thats left......

Made new ad in the gun parts section for stock. Please respond to that thread instead of this one.

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