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SOLD/EXPIRED Defiance Deviant 6 SLR


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Oct 4, 2006
Oregon City, OR
I have my Hunting/PRS Match gun up for Sale.

I have used this action for the last 4 years and it has ran flawless in competition and hunting. I had it fully melonited and it really made it slick. It shows some wear like melonite does, but it still functions perfect.

It is chambered in the popular 6SLR, current melonited barrel has 1200 rounds on it. The last match I shot it in was a NRL match and I placed 5th.

Included with the rifle is a the Redding FL Bushing die and Micro Seater, roughly 250 of fire formed brass. I have an additional 200 that has 6 firings on it. Still working, I just switched to new brass at the start of the season. I will send the Load with it. I will also send two 10 round AW mags with the purchase.

I have an additional barrel that has 1500 rounds on it, non melonited cut down to 20" for a hunting gun.

Stock is a Manners T4A with mini chassis with he Atlas Bipod rail mount. The stock has been used but not abused.

This currently does not have a trigger installed, I had a jewel in it and can put it back in but It will cost an additional $200 for the trigger.

Asking $2,500, no trades.



Do you know how much the rifle weighs. Who made the barrel and what length and twist
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What bullet did you have it chambered for? What brand is the brass?

I shoot the 105 VLDs Bergers, I shot some Nosler 105 RDFs and they shot good.

Brass is Winchester, the SLR and Winchester was the best combo unless you wanted to turn necks with Lapua brass.