Defending yourself in Europe


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Dec 27, 2003
I really hate to be without a pocket knife but I know the laws vary from country to country and I don't want to be arrested in a foreign country.

As an example look at the Americans that had a couple of rounds of ammunition in their baggage recently. 3-4 months of house arrest while things were straightened out, plus a fine.

My wife and I are going on a cruise in the Mediterranean from flying in to Venice and departing from Barcelona and I'd like to have something to defend myself in case something happened.

I understand that it may be possible to pick up a knife while I am over there, and that is a consideration. My wife and I will both be carrying a telescoping walking stick for support on cobblestone. It came in handy for support in the past.

What other options can you think of that I might consider? I have seen several ads for "tactical" pens, what may be your thoughts on that

I appreciate ideas that you may have
I carry a Zebra F701 stainless steel pen, I have replaced the ink cartridge with a pressurized Fisher Space Pen refill.

It's all metal, tough enough to use as a weapon, but doesn't scream "weapon".
The Zebra F701 could be a good option. My only complaints is that they are pretty short and not very big around. I know nothing about the laws in Europe so keep that in mind, but another option might be a smallish screwdriver. You could build a small EDC toolkit that included a phillips and a slotted screwdriver. When you go for a walk, perhaps one or both of them find their way into a pocket...
FYI, according to the TSA website, screwdrivers that are less than 7" are allowed in carry-on luggage. But, that is domestic travel within the USA. European rules may be way different. But, an idea...