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    Mar 13, 2011
    I am upset by the recent shootings (Oregon and Conneticut). These sensless cowardly killings are beyond horrible.

    I am also upset by the almost instant use of these tragedies by anti-gun groups. I do not like how they turn a tragedy into their own political movement for there sensless pursiut of absolute control.

    I think there is more that needs to be done to deter killers like this from going down their path. I think there is much to be done in increasing the ability of people to deal with their problems in non-violent ways.

    I do not believe in the reaction of we are victims, we should immediately give up rights, forego freedoms, and hope somehow that makes us safer. I think Teddy R. was on to something when he said (paraphrase) speak softly but carry a big stick.

    I was surprised to hear about a person with a CCW that helped reduce the impact of a killer. I say surprised because after 3 days of non stop anti gun bombardment, I only now have seen an article that shares this information.

    Clackamas Mall Shooter Was Confonted By Concealed Carrier (Oregon)

    I believe that the killer saw a direct threat to him and took the took himself out.

    Maybe many of you have already read this news. I am sharing it because, as I previously mentioned, it took 3 days before I even saw a mention of it.

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    Oct 31, 2009
    Hello Pons,

    I couldn't agree with you more. The anti-gun crowd is focused on their agenda of disarming America first and foremost. They will attempt to use any tragedy; no matter how unlikely it was, no matter how unimaginable the act was, their aim is to place blame on firearms and law abiding gun owners. Most media is on the side of the anti's, we never hear about the 100's of crimes prevented every single day by armed citizens or liscensed CC people. The mainstream media simply wont report it.

    The New York Times front page labeled the Connecticut shooters mother as the culprit. Never mind the fact that she was shot dead in her home in her bed and in her pajamas while apparently still asleep. The guns used were then stollen from her. Wouldn't matter if they were under lock and key, because the killer could get the key pretty darn easily once his mom was out of the picture! Who knows how many felonies he committed before he ever stepped foot inside the school. It was a senseless, evil act of mass murder that is simply unimaginable to the normal mind of a normal person.

    Rather than blaming the lack of a peaceful religion, or lack of virtues and values, or lack of morals and ethics of most young people these days; the gun grabbers imediately went for prohibition of "assault weapons" and high capacity magazines.

    The shooter could have easily taken the stollen car and hot rodded it through a playground during recess and killed just as many innocent little kids. He would have caused the same terror, the same loss of lives, the same pain to the families and community. That being said, we can virtually gaurantee that not a single "gun grabber" would be attempting to blame the car in that case. Hell, someone could commit that same crime once a year for 10 years straight and they still wouldn't blame cars. There is a bigger reason for their screaming, and it's disarmament. Surely they cant be so stupid as to think the gun or type of gun is the problem. The school bombing in 1927 wasn't a result of someone getting ahold of a tommy gun, but even more people died there than in Connecticut.

    Where is God? God is no longer here, because it's become politically incorrect to speak of God. We might offend someone who calls their god by a different name!! Perhaps if some peaceful religion was instilled in more younger people, they would be too afraid to commit these insane acts of violence for fear of burning in hell for eternity!

    If you own or use a semi automatic of any sort, if you own or use a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds, if you own or use any kind of rifle or shotgun with a pistol grip, be warned.........the anti's are going to attempt to make them illegal. You can be sure they are signing every single petition they can get their hands on, and they're writting letters to Senators and Congress. If you want to continue to enjoy shooting your AR-15 or your semi-auto handguns, you might want to join the NRA, the CCRKBA, or the NAGR. We can't let the anti's be the only voice that is heard after the terrible tragedy in Connecticut.

    Merry Chrismas.
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  3. Joe King

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    Apr 29, 2012
    your right, what really gets my undies in a bunch is how quick some of pro gun groups and politicians where to fold, the ground in the east must be rumbling with our founding fathers rolling over in their graves
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    May 20, 2009
    In some cases the problem is that people that are insane and under psychiatric care have the right to medical privacy. Even when someone is diagnosed as a psychopath with homicidal tendencies the parents and or family is not informed that this person is a threat to their safety . It is only after they do something bad like kill someone that something is done or a problem recognised .
    In the case of an under age person in many countries it is against the law for medical practitioners to tell the parents the child is a raving lunatic and might kill the whole family one day .
    There is no places to send mental cases as the Governments of the world have closed them all down and nuts live on the streets or are cared for at home by people and family who are not always aware of the true dangers they face .
    The whole problem can be layed squarely at the feet of Politicians and Governments for totally failing to supply proper mental health care , facilities and legislation to protect the community . In times gone by most of these people that commit these horrible acts would have been diagnosed as psychopaths and locked up in a mental facility before they did anything that bad now they send them back home to kill their family because it saves the Government billions .
    Drugs are also a big issue as the modern drugs like Meth can drive people crazy in a short time . When a person with metal issues also gets on Meth then it's twice as bad and anything can happen and does. Again , Government has failed to stop drug dealers and drug addicts.
    Why is the problem so bad now and it was not this bad back in the days when everyone carried or owned a gun ? The difference now is the total failure of Government to do what is required to control mental cases and drug problems in the community . In the old days if you behaved like a nut you got locked up in a metal institution for observation and in most cases real psychopaths were soon diagnosed from their behaviour and reactions to the incarceration .
    Our World is drowning in Drugs , Alcohol , Gambling and Crime issues add uncontrolled Mental illness and it all explodes in a tragedy some place.
    Gun ownership is not the problem and it never was , history proves that.
    In my state we have out of control drive by shootings . (90% a result of drug wars between criminal gangs but our stupid brain dead Politicians just want to spend more money to punish law abiding licenced gun owners instead of putting all the resources needed toward locking up the criminals involved and breaking up the drug gangs .