Deer hunter from the Uk


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May 11, 2012
Hi I found this forum while looking for moose hunting in North America and Canada My great passion in life is to shoot a Moose,
I hunt in the UK, shooting Red deer Fallow Deer Roe and Muntjak
If you shoot male and femail deer you can hunt 12 months of the year in the UK.
My passion is 30 cal rifles my first full bore rifle was a BSA 30-06 which I still own after 25 years, I am having built a REM 700 with a 30-06 Bergara barrel the original barrel had that much rust in it there was no rifling left but it only cost £100 - $150.
The other rifle I am having built is a 338-06 on a Weatherby MK V action but that will be next year, the Red deer rut is about to start and I am hoping to shoot 2-3 stags before the rut finishes and then the Red hind season will start on the 21 Oct and we be into shooting those as well.
If anyone would like to swap a Moose hunt for some Red stag hunting next season let me know and I will see what I can do.