Decent season so far


Feb 19, 2009
Tuscaloosa Alabama
here's a couple from this year.first is a 175 lbs 6point and the next is a 210 lbs 7 point

nice bucks for sure. i kind of wish we could take 2 bucks up here in MT but that just means that many bucks wouldnt make it to the next season. Congrats!
Couple of nice bucks, and good meat for the year you have there also.
Interesting antlers on the first one, 4 points in the right side, and 2 in the left, and they are tall also.
The 6 point was a cull.He cow horned on the left side.Almost 17 inches wide.The 7 point was crabclawing on both sides and had a kicker off of the top of one of them.So far that makes 5 for the year including does.I am allowed 1 more buck with less than 3 points on the main beam .Basically he cannot be a mainframe 8 or better on either side. and 2 does a day for the rest of the season.Jan 31.I took an 8 point there year before last that was 5or6 years old and went 215 lbs on the hoof.The bucks are carying good body weight for bama but some of the horns have been somewhat freakish.Well gents, Ya'll have a wonderful evening,I'm fixin to go to bed and try and kill a nanny goat or 2 tomoroow.
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