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Cyber Monday - Free Shipping on AP Ammo & Norma 308 Win loaded with Swift A-Frames on sale


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Mar 25, 2023


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Estimated ship date for the Norma 308?
For anyone who missed it the first time, more of the Norma 308 Win loaded with 180gr Swift A-Frames arrived today. We are getting the pre-orders out tomorrow via UPS.

If you haven't ordered yet, don't miss out, this is probably one of the best deals we've offered yet.

Brass value: $160
A-Frames value: $300
Powder value: $25-30
Primer value: $10-20

Your price with free shipping: $249.95
($1.25 a round for some pretty high quality hunting ammo)



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I forgot to mention, we'll go out of our way to ship to any state where it's legal (i.e. FFLs in CA in NY, FOID in IL, etc).

Thanks to everyone who has ordered.