CVA Apex .243 help

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    Sep 23, 2010
    I have had a CVA Apex .243 for about a year and had a fairly accurate load of Nosler CT 95gr. and 35 gr. of IMR 3031. A touch over an inch at 100 yards. I started experimenting with some RL 17, Varget and Hornady Super Performance. Also tried some Nolser 90 Etips and Hornady SST's. I thought I had a sub MOA load with 42 gr. of RL17 and the SST's. The last time I went out for a final sight in, I started getting 4" vertical stringing. 3 different people shot and all had the same results. I went out yesterday and shot my old standard, Nosler CT and 3031. Same results. I have been swtching the muzzleloader barrel back and forth. Maybe got the forearm too tight?? Any would be appreciated.